A Visit to Thunderbolt Mountain ( Tom Meier's Workshop)

When arriving at Tom's workshop, you are greeted by two sculptures:

 The Loveland Frog


And Slug-Eat-Your-Face. 

Both sculpted by Tom Meier.



 Tom at work sculpting.  This is where the last 20 years of his miniatures have been sculpted.


Tom's sculpting Tools:

A dulled Exacto blade

A tool with one end made for shaping cloth, and a prong on the other end shaped like the prow of a ship.

Two tools for making various sized circles


Work in progress sculpts for some of the recent Kickstarter's stretch goals.


One of the flat surfaces within arm's reach from Tom's recliner.  Plenty of parts, bits, pieces, and work in progress sculpts.  Lots of treasures here.


Tom describing another large sculpture he is working on.  This one is a Dwarf with Lantern.

The Dwarf's face.

Wire frame


WIP of Slug-Eat-Your-Face, before the patina was painted on.

Slug at night.


Statue/Fountain at the center of Tom's garden.  The water flows down over the umbrella.


Completed sculpts of the WIPs shown above.