Invitation From Ral Partha Legacy

    As members of the gaming community ourselves, we at RPL have always appreciated the elaborate story backgrounds, wonderfully painted miniatures, fan generated artwork, and special rules and campaigns that gamers have created for many gaming systems. 

    Many of these efforts go unpublicized and many fans never get a chance to enjoy them.  We intend to change that. 

   We are inviting active MINIATURE PAINTERS, ARTISTS, WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, and potential DEMO TEAM members to work with us to create the authorized lore of the Chaos Wars.  

    We can’t pay you for your work.  Literally every dollar of profit is going towards new molds, more castings for the stock bins, and overhead.  What we are offering you is the opportunity we daydreamed of years ago when we were new to the hobby:  to be a part of an ongoing project, and be credited for your work.  We will give you credit in the publication of your work, help provide exposure to the marketplace, and give a platform for your published work to reach a wider audience as you build your portfolio.    


Here is how it works:



    RPL holds licenses and production rights to the vast majority of the classic Ral Partha fantasy ranges.  This gives us a portfolio of miniatures sculpted over the last 45 years by some of the best sculptors in the business.  Currently, RPL is working hard to increase the number of miniatures in production.  Our plan is to expand the ranges by re-mastering and releasing additional classic Ral Partha sculpts, previously unreleased miniatures, and new miniatures by the classic sculptors to fill in the ranges.  In time, we plan to make more than 3000 different miniatures are available, in a variety of sculpting styles, scales, and themes.  

    We are offering experienced painters the opportunity to paint a set of miniatures for our studio armies.  We will use these in demo games and they will be featured on our webstore, in advertising, and on packaging (eventually). 

    As a sign of our appreciation, you will be given an additional set of the unpainted figures to keep for yourself.  We recognize that this is not the desired compensation for some people.  If you are looking to make a living off your painting, we wish you the best, but can not afford to pay for painting, and to do so would be unfair to the dozens of painters who have participated previously.

    We will credit you for your work wherever it is used or pictured (to the best of our ability).  If you are someone who does commission painting, we will gladly share your contact info on our website to hopefully help you generate business.  As we establish a working relationship with select painters, we will offer them the opportunity to paint additional miniatures, including monsters, dragons, and new and limited releases. 

    To participate, you do NOT need to be a professional painter.  Our customers range from professional painters to gamers who only paint at what is affectionately called ‘table-top quality’.  As such, we want our demo armies to reflect the different skill levels of our customers.  All painters are welcome.  We just ask that you do your best.


Here is a very detailed outline of the process:


So please contact us if you would like to paint up a unit. 

Email us at


Click here to view the galleries of the minis painted up by volunteers:










    We have several projects in the works that will feature artwork:  A new edition of our Introductory Rules, Advanced Rules, Skirmish rules, and several new Adventure Games. 

    All of the written Chaos Wars materials (plus scenarios and background stories) will be available online as a free download.  We will be regularly plugging the availability of these downloads in our electronic and physical advertising, with inserts inside our sets of miniatures.   Printed copies will also be available.   As a miniatures company, we want to get the Chaos Wars rules and stories into the hands of as many gamers as possible. We believe that your artwork (and contact information) will end up in the hands of thousands of gamers and industry professionals. 

    When the artwork is used by RPL, the work will be attributed in an index towards either the front or back of the document, as formatting allows.  This will state the title of the piece (determined jointly by RPL and the artist), the artist’s name, and whatever contact info the artist desires.  The artist will have permission to use the Chaos Wars logo, and the branding: “[Title], of Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars” whenever the artist sells prints or the original artwork for this specific piece of art, and may use the image of the artwork for self-promotion such as in a gallery or on a website.  Additional details will be worked out between the artist and RPL.




    Photographers are invited to help us create a vast array of images for our catalogs, advertising, and future rules and campaign sets.  All Photography work will be credited.  Obviously this is only viable if you are within traveling distance of central Ohio, or appearing at a convention we are attending. 




    The world of the Chaos Wars is a fantasy setting where a Greater Demon has torn holes in reality, allowing forces from various places, times, and realities to spill into the world.  This is a large canvass to work on, and allows for many interpretations of new and classic fantasy concepts.  Once the basic guidelines of the Chaos Wars world are available, writers are invited to create storylines and background for specific armies within the Chaos Wars world.  The only requirement is that the writing must remain within the guidelines.  Submissions will be reviewed, and if published electronically or in print, the writer will be credited.  We will especially be looking for the individual histories of the warriors fighting the Chaos Wars. We will invite the best writers to create and develop new characters and campaign settings.  Please note: as we are setting up new production facilities, the writing is taking a back seat to other efforts.  But if you interested, please let us know.



    We are currently building a network of Demo Teams.  We are looking for active players with a strong sense of sportsmanship, and a dedication to fantasy war gaming.  We need point-persons in every community, and a local demo team to support each point person at regional events, and local conventions.  RPL will invite the best Demo Team members to demo at major gaming events.  Demo Team members will help RPL create new rules, consider revisions, and build future scenarios and campaign settings.  Demo team members will also be supported with badge assistance at major events, special discounts, exclusive miniatures, and the opportunity to purchase new releases before the retail market.



In Conclusion

    Help us shape the world of the Chaos Wars, and be publicly recognized for your efforts.  Together we can build a unique miniatures driven fantasy gaming universe that the entire fantasy gaming community can participate in.



Personal Note

    As a longtime proponent of tabletop fantasy battles, this project is very exciting to me personally.  For years, I had hoped for a game that would allow players versatility and range in their choices of what they field on a tabletop, and access to a more enriching and fulfilling experience.  The classic rules for Chaos Wars come a long way towards this.  With the Advanced Rules, we intend to go even further to making the best game possible.  This is your opportunity to participate in that effort, and create a game that we all can enjoy for many years to come.  If you are interested in participating in this project in any way, please contact me directly.  Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jacob Fathbruckner

Owner & Operator of Ral Partha Legacy