Building the Workshop


Before Construction Began








Early on:  The soon-to-be workshop filled up with surplus boxes and furniture from the move.  Ugh.  This couch is now in my living room!


Scrapng some grime off a display case so it can be moved into the archive, and out of the way.

Stairwell moved from the center of the building to the side.


HVAC Installed!!!!!


Building the half-wall, so no one falls down the stairwell.

More boxes of supplies, masters, etc. are found in the house, and stacked upstairs.

So... After the new HVAC was installed, we find that apgrades are needed to the electric system.  Josh Potter happens to be a certified electrician, and somes thru big time.


New electric lines installed for the spincaster, electric pot, vulcanizer, and air compressor.



While Josh does the important work, Jacob makes his priorities clear, and installs a ceiling fan directly above where his casting station will be.



Drywall was dropped off, but the forklift was too tall to go into the workshop.  Had to park it outside.  It tooks several volunteers and several hours to get it all in out of potential rain.



June 13, 2020 - Official paperwork filed to create Ral Partha Legacy Ltd.

The air compressor had a lot of water inside it.  But we couldn't get it to drain.  I got the bright idea to turn it on, and see if the pressure could dislodge the clog...

It worked... better, and much more quickly than we expected.

Two of us were given a power-washing in rusty water.

First casting down in the very much WIP workshop.

It only seemed right that we use this mold as the first spins.  This was the sample mold we used back in 2014/2015 when we were sending samples out to various people to promote the very first Chaos Wars kickstarter.

The first junk mail to arrive for RPL... made us feel official.



Installation of new LED lights


With the raw stock shelves in place, it was time to bring the Chaos Wars product up from Cincinnati. 




Rain rolling into the workshop, around the entrance door... That took some effort to fix.

The RPL webstore starting to take shape.

Drywall upstairs







The proud spouse, wondering how she got herself into this.




A gift from a close friend

Moving the vulcanizer into place almost killed me...

Heat test went well

Crazy idea to combat clouds of talc messing with sinuses, a Talc Booth, that would be tied into the ventilation system. 

Sarah makes dinner, as payment to the volunteers for helping out.

Local Wildlife


Accidents and Setbacks

Smacked myself in the face with the business end of a crowbar.


Tornado warnings and a funnell cloud within eyeshot of the workshop... while attempting to re-wire some lighting.

Oct 11, 2020:  The morning of our wedding anniversary, we wak eup to a flooded kitchen.

Test spinning more Thunderbolt Mountain molds. 



Orders getting pulled and double checked.


Casting product at IWM