Building a "New" Workshop


Before Construction Began








Early on:  The soon-to-be workshop filled up with surplus boxes and furniture from the move.  Ugh.  This couch is now in my living room!


Scrapng some grime off a display case so it can be moved into the archive, and out of the way.

Stairwell moved from the center of the building to the side.


HVAC Installed!!!!!


Building the half-wall, so no one falls down the stairwell.

More boxes of supplies, masters, etc. are found in the house, and stacked upstairs.

So... After the new HVAC was installed, we find that apgrades are needed to the electric system.  Josh Potter happens to be a certified electrician, and somes thru big time.


New electric lines installed for the spincaster, electric pot, vulcanizer, and air compressor.



While Josh does the important work, Jacob makes his priorities clear, and installs a ceiling fan directly above where his casting station will be.