CincyCon 2015



Massive Dragons clashed in the skies, while formations of Dwarves, Beastmen, Elves, Orcs, Goblins, and Lizardmen engaged in battle below.  


The Giant Hydra destroyed an entire unit of Armored Centaurs, then lost its nerve due to the single wound it suffered, and turned to leave the field of battle.  The Necromancer cast a Rally spell, and turned the beast around, sending it heads-first into the gunfire of Dwarf Arquebusers, the Steam Cannon, and Mechanical Giant.  


A powerful Red Dragon flew too close to the Orc battleline, and was attacked by two Wyverns.  One Wyvern engaged the Dragon in the front, while the other attacked its flank, eventually killing the massive Dragon.

The Jabberwock loped across the battlefield, while dodging the blasts fired by the Mechanical Giant’s arm-mounted cannon, until it swooped down on the Giant and the two tore at one another until both were destroyed.

There were many unexpected and interesting encounters on the tabletop.

10 different armies marched across the battlefield..

Elves:  Two units of Elf Warriors, Bowmen, the Elf War Chariot, two Elf Colossus, Ballista, a Sea Dragon, unit of Wind Lord Bowmen, led by an Elf Champion and Elf Mage.

Dwarves:  Armored Dwarf Knights, Dwarf Warriors, Arquebusers, the Steam Cannon, Mechanical Giant, Golden Dragon, Unicorn, unit of Armored Centaurs, led by a Dwarf Champion and Human Cleric.

Kingdoms of Men:  Two blocks of Heavily Armored Knights, Axemen of Avalon, Swordsmen, Militia, a Cannon, one Treeman, Werebear, a unit of Samurai, a Celestial Dragon, led by a Human Champion and Wizard.

Beastmen:  Two units of Ratling Warriors, Ratling Slingers, Gnoll Infantry, Gnoll Cavalry on Giant Armored War Cats, Catapult, Giant Minotaur, WereTiger, and a Frost Drake, led by a Beastman Champion and Ratling Mage.


Orcs & Goblins:  Orc Warriors, Orc Bowmen, Goblin Bowmen, Two units of Lesser Goblins, Wolf Riders, two Wyvern, Orc War Machine, and a Doom Wurm, led by a Orc Champion, Orc Mage, and 3 Goblin Heroes on Wolfback.

Undead:  Two units of Skeleton Warriors, Undead Bowmen, Skeletal Cavalry, Jabberwock, and a Giant Hydra, led by a very powerful Necromancer.

Chaos Warriors:  Two units of Chaos Acolyte Axemen, one unit of Chaos Acolytes, one unit of Chaos Knights, a unit of Doom-Thumper Bowmen, a Greater Demon, Red Dragon, Catapult, led by the Doom-Bunny and a Chaos Monk.

Dark Elves:  Two units of Dark Elf Spearmen, Two units of Lizardmen Warriors, unit of Lesser Trolls, Cyclops, Winged Serpent, Ballista, and a unit of Titanic Infantry Stone Trolls, led by a Dark Elf Champion and Magician.

Chaos Warriors II:  Unit of Chaos Warriors with Axes, Chaos Crossbowmen, Lizardmen with polearms, unit of Skeletons, Chaos Cavalry, Lizardman Giant, Cannon, and a Black Dragon, led by a Chaos Champion and Sorcerer.

Underworld:  Skeletal Halberdiers, Skeletal Spearmen, two units of Skeletal Long Bowmen, Two Skeletal Giants, and a Blue Dragon with the Elemental Aspect of Air/Wind.