Feature: Ral Partha Enterprises - Important Locations



Boardwalk Hobby Shop 

Where several of the people who formed Ral Partha Enterprises first saw Tom Meier's sculpting on display.



1975 - Spring 1978.   Glenn Kidd's home.   

Production was done in the basement.  Some packing was done on the dining room table.




Spring 1978 - Late 1980.   Lonsdale Building.

Second Floor rental space in Fairfax.








Late 1980 - Mid 2001.  Carthage Court Factory   

Behind the Cincinnati Gardens.  The location most people associated with Ral Partha Enterprises.



Mid thru Late 2001.  Centron Place.

Relocation under WizKids ownership.



2002 to 2014.  Provident Drive.

Iron Wind Metals.





Approx 2014 to current.  Chester Road

Iron Wind Metals.