IWM Announcement


Iron Wind Metals is proud and excited to announce a new miniatures company – Ral Partha Legacy.

Founded by and helmed by IWM partner Jacob Fathbruckner, Ral Partha Legacy will take over ownership of the Chaos Wars miniature wargame rules, and will produce and sell its own original Chaos Wars miniatures, as well as taking over production, sale, and distribution of classic Ral Partha miniatures for Chaos Wars, under license from Iron Wind.

“We are very excited to see Jacob fully take over all aspects of Chaos Wars” says IWM founder, President, and CEO Michael Noe. “From its rebirth, Jacob has been the heart and soul of Chaos Wars. The entire project has been a labor of love for him, and we cannot wait to see how far he will take it. Iron Wind has always specialized in selling individual fantasy miniatures and encounter sets, mainly for role-playing games, and will continue to do so under the Ral Partha Classic brand. However, IWM’s other obligations have prevented us from giving the Chaos Wars wargaming brand the attention it deserves. With it fully in Jacob’s hands, thru Ral Partha Legacy, there is no limit to where he can expand the Chaos Wars universe to…”

While branching off, Jacob will remain a partner in Iron Wind Metals, and will be doing much of the RPL casting and production work at the IWM factory.
"Running the Chaos Wars project for IWM has been both an honor and a privilege.” says Jacob.

“We announced "Ral Partha - A Division of Iron Wind Metals" just over 5 years ago, with the simple mission of rereleasing some classic miniatures. Our goal was to prove that there was a market for these miniatures and that their designs were still viable. Happily, the game and miniatures proved even more popular than we had hoped, and I am very proud to say that the division completed its mission.

It is hard for me to adequately express my gratitude towards Mike Noe and Marc Rubin, not just for taking me on as a partner, but for their guidance and friendship, and entrusting me to operate under the Ral Partha name. The knowledge I've picked up from them, experiences I've had, and contacts I've made through IWM have been life changing.  I would also like to thank Melissa Noe and the IWM staff for tolerating me as I have been playing in their metaphorical sandbox.  Huge thanks to the Chaos Wars Demo Team, volunteers, and our loyal customers who have helped this project grow in ways I had not dared dream. I know I am far luckier than I deserve to be.  So now we move onward, to produce more classic and obscure miniatures, although legally a separate entity, we are still brothers in arms marching into the future."

As of Monday July 13th 2020, IWM is retiring the brand "Ral Partha - A Division of Iron Wind Metals" as the product transfers to Ral Partha Legacy.

IWM will continue to produce classic Ral Partha fantasy and historical miniatures, for your roleplaying needs.