Kickstarter Wave 4: Dwarf Production Molds

Production Molds for the Chaos Wars Wave 4 Kickstarter:


 Stock Boxes starting to fill up with Dwarf miniatures to be reviewed by several different people to ensure good quality.

Dwarf Warriors - Setting up the silicone mold for vulcanization:

Dwarf Warriors - Mold has been vulcanized.  Now cutting gates for metal and vents for air to escape.

Dwarf Warriors - Test casting of the new mold.


Test castings.


Unarmored Dwarf Warriors - Production mold.

Test copies


 Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons - Master castings pulled from a freshly vulcanized production mold.  The process turns the metal a dark color.



 Dwarf Crossbowmen - Masters from a new production mold.


 The whiteish/clearish parts are of the mold are a type of silicone that is supposed to be more durable, for use in delicate parts of the mold.


 My mold cuts aren't very pretty or consistent, but they get the job done, and the miniatures come out consistently.


Dwarf Command figures - Setting up the mold

WIP cutting the mold


 Master castings after vulcanization.


 Dwarf Warlord and Mage



More to come soon.