Scale (Size) of Miniatures

    Most of our miniatures (aside from those marked as 30mm or 1/48 Scale) were sculpted in the scale referred to as “True 25mm”.  This means that the standard height of a miniature from our ranges is based on a scale where a 6ft human is represented by a 25mm tall miniature, measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of their head.  We believe this scale provides the best product for tabletop war gaming. 

    Some miniatures are larger or smaller as appropriate, based upon their size in relation to a human.  If a Human or Elf stands at 25mm tall, a Dwarf is approximately 19mm tall, a Halfling is 17mm tall, Lesser Fairies are about 15mm tall.  Conversely, Chaos Knights are about 31mm tall, Trolls and Ogres between 34mm and 45mm tall, and Dragons and Monsters vary from 25mm to over 125mm in length.

    Some Character models and Elite troops are somewhat larger, to denote their status / uniqueness.  Some of our miniatures sculpted in the late 1980s and more recently are closer to 28mm or 30mm than True 25mm.  When playing Chaos Wars, we suggest using these as Elite Troops, Characters, or Non-Humanoid races.  But how you use them is up to you.  Scale differences should be noted on the webstore, and we hope to eventually provide photos of each and every miniature next to a scale to show exact height.

    Please note, this means that many of our figures are not as large as the ones sold by the mass-production companies who today dominate the hobby market, and those that follow their lead.  Many of these other companies produce miniatures that are closer to 28mm or 32mm in height to a 6ft human.

    We are very happy with the scale that we use, and do not intend to change.  We just want you to be aware of the difference.