At RPL, we have great respect for the work hobby stores and gaming groups do to maintain an environment that helps to grow and sustain the hobby industry that we are a part of, and care so deeply for.

   We would like to partner with stores and gaming groups to expand our customer base of miniature painters, collectors, and tabletop gamers, and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship for all of us in this hobby.

   This webstore focuses on the miniatures of Ral Partha, and other companies that have followed in its wake.  Our main product line is “Chaos Wars”.  Chaos Wars is supported by a complete ruleset, expansion booklets and a full line of the classic and new miniatures. 

     We believe that local stores and clubs are the main driver of hobby growth and that when you do well, we do well.  To support your efforts we will work with you to introduce Chaos Wars through demo games and events at a time of your choosing.   We will also supply incentive items to be used as prizes and promos, when these events are held.

    We have access to over 1200 different Fantasy Miniatures, sculpted by a wide variety of sculptors, each with her/his own unique style.  We currently have over 500 miniatures available on our webstore and intend to add more regularly.  There is such variety in our offerings that every one of your fantasy gaming customers will find something that catches her/his eye.  We continue to add to this line with new sculpts and re-release of classics from our out of production inventory.

    We are not just producers of a product for the gaming industry, we are gamers and collectors ourselves.  This project is very important to us, and we are dedicated to its continued success.

     If you are interested in learning more about this effort, please contact me directly.  We will be very happy to work with you, and answer any questions.



Jacob Fathbruckner

Owner & Operator of Ral Partha Legacy